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Deciding Your Formative Assessment Tool

If you have ever used digital formative assessment tool in the past, then you probably know that they are providing meaningful way of assessing student’s understanding. From message boards to online quizzes, these formative assessments could bring great value inside your classroom. With this, it allows you to easily monitor and keep track of the development and progress of your students with more interactions.

As per George Lucas Educational Foundation, the formative assessment is identifying the areas to which students are struggling and excelling so by that, teachers would be able to best modify their instructions to meet the requirements of all students. You may take a sample of student population without having to hurt grades and adjust the future instructions to be able to accommodate various learning needs.

While there is a clear benefit to it, it could be hard to select the optimal option. What may work for your classroom will depend on several factors. Here is a quick example 3-step process to choose the most effective and best formative assessment tool for your classroom need.

Number 1. Figure out your end goal – you have to base your selection of a tech-based formative assessment tool according to the goal you want to achieve. Would you like your elementary students to show what they have learned after the lesson or would you like to embed open-ended questions during high school lesson? By being able to find out what you want to achieve in your end goal, you’ll be able to work backwards in identifying what is the most effective formative assessment tools.

Number 2. Take a technology audit – there are some formative assessment tools that are requiring every student to have electronic device while other tools could be used with just a single phone or computer. Take audits of your classroom in order to determine the tools that you have already at your fingertips and then, brainstorm how these tools are going to help you in conducting an engaging and interactive formative assessment. You can read more about it here.

Number 3. Know the data that you need – there are different assessment tools and we know that; these tools are going to produce different types of data. Would you like qualitative or perhaps quantitative data on the classroom? Do you wish to identify the individual students who still need further assistance or would you like to have a group of student based on the assessment’s results? Being able to understand the type of data that you need would help you in choosing what is the best tool to use in your classroom. Here is more info :

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